20.02.18 - Server Opening 2.December
Ice Wind
20.02.18 - Daily ice Wind - 2000 Wcoin Reward


Client Downloads Size
Full Client S18Part3 v2 Dirrect Link 1.74GB Download
Full Client S18Part3 v2 Mediafire 1.74GB Download
Full Client S18Part3 v2 Google Drive 1.74GB Download
Full Client S18Part3 Torrent File 1.74GB Download

Have corrupted fonts in-game?

Some players sees squares in the game instead of text, then you are missing windows font called Arial Unicode MS.
It's a common error in all new mu online clients so make sure to follow the easy steps listed below.

Fix Guide
Close game client
2. Download the missing ARIALUNI.TTF font from Square Font Guide
3. Right click on the file you just downloaded and click Install
Alternatively you may download the missing font and copy it to C:/Windows/Fonts or Control Panel > Fonts
Start game client