20.02.18 - Server Opening 2.December
Ice Wind
20.02.18 - Daily ice Wind - 2000 Wcoin Reward

Update v2

New updates has been aplied to server, to get latest patch run Zenmu Updates.exe

[FIX] Ice Wind, registration /regicewind from 18.00, event starts 18.30
[FIX] Castle Siege Registration, register now to Event on Sunday

[FIX] Attack range of 4th Enahnced Blood Skill
[FIX] Possible larger number of hits than expected for Bursting Flare and Ice Break skills
[FIX] Abuse of move restriction during self defense setting using Party UI
[FIX] Possible DC when requersting a party or guild
[FIX] Inability to complete selected quests
[FIX] Set options on Illusion Knight Soul Set do not display
[NEW] MUUN Pets in Xshop
[NEW] Three Vacanies Xshop

Published by Admin 12/12/2022